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The Tamburini Family’s

The Tamburini Family’s first wine business is established. Great-great-grandfather Franco plants the first vineyards and begins production of Chianti and olive oil.


Roberto Tamburini

The family tradition

The family tradition continues as Franco’s son, Italo, expands both the firm’s cultivated land and production capacity, maintaining the high standards of quality and deep respect for the land inherited from his father.


Tamburini winery -history


Mauro, Italo’s son, carries on the family business, further expanding the firm’s vineyards to their current size of approximately fifty hectares.


Tamburini winery -history


Mauro’s daughter Emanuela enters the firm, initiating a new and significant investment in the improvement of production and vineyard technologies. Emanuela, professionally trained in enology, modifies the firm’s approach to the production and sale of its wines.


Tamburini Olive Oil

Certified Organic

The entire Tamburini production of extra-virgin olive oil is Certified Organic.


Full sun in Tamburini estate


Tamburini expands from its headquarters in Chianti to a second site in Montalcino where DOCG (“designation of origin guaranteed”) Brunello di Montalcino is made.


Douscana - limited edition red wine

“Douscana” Project

The winery continues to experiment and believe in innovation, resulting in the “Douscana” project: an encounter between the wines of the Douro valley, Portugal, and those made with the Tuscan grape Sangiovese. The upshot is a unique product, a limited edition once again aimed at demonstrating the quality and potential of the winery’s cépages.


Chianti Vineyards

Commercial Development

In a difficult year the world over, Tamburini has welcomed Michele Jermann, who has brought his savoir-faire to the promotion and commercial development of the winery, both in the Italian market and abroad.